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Vintage Beauty Ad Campaign
Metan Marine began an innovative ad campaign with Soundings Magazine back in August which has spidered into the online industry as well, based on its success. The ad campaign features Metan’s vintage restorations from the 60's and 70's displaying the boat resting up on its side in order to showcase the beautiful interior as well as exterior. Pamela Borrelli, who heads up the marketing and advertising for Metan and who is also Michael Borrelli’s (President) wife, developed this concept based on its novelty and her own personal celebration of turning 50 in August.

The concept developed one night when Borrelli and Borrelli came home from an italian dinner and drinking some good Chianti. She thought of her 50th birthday coming in 8 months and said to Michael, "I'm going to be a vintage bitch in 8 months" he laughed and said "you're crazy!" Pamela wanted to view her coming of age as a celebration rather than a sad event and began thinking about Metan’s classic restorations and how their age, experience, along with their memories associated with all their years, are what impress the customers. Borrelli told Borrelli that she viewed all the boating ads which were primarily made up of boats sitting on the water or they were aerial shots of boats. She knew that boating companies such as Boston Whaler and Bertrum became a household name through creative ad campaigns... and this inspiration gave her a new idea for an ad campaign for tip Metan’s 1961 Whaler up on its side in a professional photo studio and then to lay on top of the side of the hull. She wanted to begin the campaign in August when 50 years ago, in 1961, she was born. Pamela’s persuasive talks convinced Michael to take the risk that the Whaler could be put up on its side and Pamela took the risk of not only allowing herself to be viewed by the nation but climbing 9 feet up to balance on top of Borrelli’s fully restored 13' 1961 Boston Whaler... thus, the ad concept came to fruition when it debuted in Soundings Magazine in the August issue. Metan has received many compliments via email, boat shows and phone calls on the ad campaign and it has contributed to the process of making Metan a household name all over the nation...

Keep your eyes out in Soundings Magazine for more of Metan’s Vintage Beauties...

Metan Vintage Beauties Warranty: 10 year Metan structural warranty on all new Metan Vintage Beauties

“Hi Mike, I saw your ad showing your beautiful wife Pam. GREAT PHOTO, GREAT AD. Hope the Ft. Lauderdale show goes well for you and Vince. Please say hello to Pam for me. Talk to you when you return.” —Scott Clark

Soundings Magazine Advertisement

Soundings Magazine Advertisement
September 2012

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